YAY...I guess...

It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether I win or lose.--Sandy Lyle

I suppose I should be elated that the Twins pulled out a squeaker last night. We got to one of the best pitcher's in baseball this season, Blackburn looked good, and we kept our lead over the White Sox.

But to tell the truth I feel a little guilty about this one. I know a win's a win and we need all the help we can get right now, but another bullpen combustion had me a little frazzled. Winning on a little known rule doesn't change the fact that our whole bullpen looks like it desperately needs a week in the Caribbean to get their groove back. And you could see it on the faces of the players too, not smiling much as fireworks went off, not much exultation or jubilation just a whole lot of: "holy hell...I can't believe that just happened" with a slight dollop of "what goes around comes around."

If we were in the Rangers' place, I'm sure the Land of 10,000 Lakes would be screaming for blood*. But remember Texas, you have an 8 game lead in your division...you can spare a couple of games (especially since we've walloped the A's and the Angels for you). Plus, now the baseball gods owe you one. There's a marvelous karmic symmetry in baseball and the next time you have a golden chance to cap a stellar comeback, I'd wager on your success.

Of course, the flip side of that is that the Twins now owe the Baseball Gods one.......Eep. OH! WAIT!!! We should have won on Thursday but didn't so this was the Baseball Gods paying us back! Isn't that right baseball gods? (If this is right please give no sign)

THANK YOU BASEBALL GODS!!! And thank you labor day for a lazy monday with nothing on the agenda but baseball and beef products...mmm...happiness.

*(Note: since it's Minnesota, it probably won't be screaming as much as politely suggesting through passive aggressive notes written on church bulletins that "if it's not too much trouble could you please die a painful death...you know, if you feel like it.")


  1. Greetings Peanuts from Heaven!

    I want to congratulate you on becoming my new favorite twins blog. Well, maybe except for Howard-he is pretty awesome. There are many reasons why I love your blog but the primary one is that I too am a transplanted Montanan/graduate student who is seriously upset that writing a silly thesis cuts into my Twins time...or maybe it is the other way around...

    Anyway, you have a new fan and keep up the good work.

  2. Hey - thanks Ryan! We're always happy to have new fans... or pretty much any fans... welcome!