Simmer down now

I have to go dive into the library and work on thesis things for the next several hours (thereby earning my baseball fix tonight) but I just want to say, to all those pundits and opinionators who are proclaiming the Twins a great team, a playoff team, a team that might sneak up on the Yankees & Rays and will have no problem with the White Sox:


Stop it! Don't jinx us! Where's some wood to knock on? Oh, right my desk! [spends next minute knocking on wood...winces in pain... then continues]

The White Sox are a great and noble foe, a team that could certainly make a run and has definitely played better than Texas of late. So clearly this series will be tough. To exacerbate this toughness let's all practice low expectations and anticipate the eventuality that Ozzie Guillen's Tweets will morph into ravenous birds who peck out our hitter's eyes while defecating on our pitchers heads. Then, like a blinded/poo-headed herd of cyclopes, the Twins will stumble through the midwest before falling into Lake Michigan and drowning.

As long as that doesn't happen, I'll be happy, and so should you baseball pundits!

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