Slide into the Danger Zone

The less said about last night the bet--

So let's focus instead on something stupid that we can control, namely avoiding becoming the Yankees and Red Sox. See...the Yankees have 27 World Championships, the Red Sox have fewer but just as much prestige. Both are perennial contenders. Both have budgets that make Vanatu go: "sigh". Both are consistently in games they play rarely suffering for long because there's always another prospect to call up another trade to make and so the "lean" times are the kinds of things that the have nots like the Orioles and Blue Jays can only dream of.

In short, there's no need to whine if you're a Yankees or a Red Sox fan. Theoretically, you've got the best teams, with the best payrolls with the best management in baseball. Why on earth would you waste ink, newspaper pages or bytes of space on the interweb with incessant complaining about how your bed of roses is slightly wilted.

We Twins are lucky, we've been plucky and scrappy underdogs for a while now, but as Tigers fans Dr. Stats and CPH pointed out last night, we've got a new stadium we've got a big payroll, and we've won more division titles than anyone else this last decade...we're a power. (For the record though, we still spend $30 Million less than the Tigers). Still, they're right, we've got a good team, great management and we're always a threat, we really don't have anything to complain about.

And then I read this. Now...I'm willing to believe that many people may disagree with me about many things, politics, art, Cake V.s. Pie. But to react to your team going 14-7 over its first 21 games, to react to your team spending more money than it ever has before, to react to excellence in the early days of spring with whining and moaning over how "pitchers are coddled sissies" is absurd! We're winning! Life is good! Sure we'll eventually lose a couple games in a row, but for right now, let's just enjoy life. For a nominal fee each year (a fee we ourselves decide on) a group of men will play a game that will provide us with 486 hours of entertainment, if not more! And if you're a member of the press who is PAID to be entertained for 486+ hours each season then complaining over how you are entertained, is like being a movie theatre usher yelling at Denzel Washington mid-fight scene.

It's a slippery slope from plucky underdog to ungrateful schmucks, a slippery slope I hope we never slide down. If you want to go sledding into the Red (sox) Zone of annoyance Peter Reusse, go ahead, but don't expect me to join you for the ride.

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