Start with a whimper, end with a bang

Before we get started we'd like to replay the analysis of the match up with the Angels conducted between Scruffy and our friend and Angels fan "LP"--conducted during a human developmental psychology course Monday night an hour before game time.

Scruffy: [Point to Delmon Young Jersey he's wearing, big thumbs up, knowing nod.]
LP: [Shakes head, points at jersey and mouths: "you're coming to LA, where it's hot, so you'll be all--" wipes non existent sweat off of forehead "--and--" pretends to pant and move walk very slowly in seat "--we'll win"]

I don't know about the heat...but I do know about the result...our pretty pretty princess melted in the face of Godzilla. Which is ultimately, not that surprising.

While our first game (and first loss) of the 2010 season may cause a good deal of consternation in the world wide interweb, we heavenly peanuts have decided to take a more zen approach to everything. We will yoga it up, take some deep breaths, calm ourselves and remember that, in the fullness of time, all will be well. (Of course, one could argue that being Zen didn't save Tokyo from Godzilla attacks--but Godzilla is to Tokyo what drunken frat-boys are to graduate students--doesn't mean that Tokyo/Graduate students haven't survived.) As always we trust in the power of poetry and therefore offer the following haiku to help all faithful Twins fans survive the initial despair of a shaky start:

First blooms catch the eye
Trampling steps, fire breath, many risks
Heaps of blooms this year

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