All-Star Update 2009!--Part 3

More observations from the fourth through the sixth

Damn - I was really hoping we were going to get a more extensive description of the Dominos regionally flavored pizzas.

If there's one way to help a guy get over a social anxiety disorder, it's to talk about it CONSTANTLY. Cause you know, that's very helpful.

Swelling music = heartwarming, swelling music containing banjos = brainweirding

Let's just take a moment here to imagine how fast Carl Crawford would run if he pulled is pants up. Joe Buck did.

I never thought I'd be happy to see Derek Jeter cross home plate--but when it means that Mauer just drove in the tying run: HOT DAMN DEREK JETER!!!

Mr. PoopyPants on the All-Star Game: "ALBERT! ALBERT! ALBERT!!"

Edwin Jackson threw four pitches. What a fine young man he is, not like those lousy Carl Crawfords now-a-days, with the loud music and the sagging pants, it just makes me SICK INSIDE!

Wow--Chase Utley--Wow

Wow--The worst commercial in the world has just been aired--apparently if you have 8 dimes you can buy a taco with meat that is good enough for dogs, then watch breakdancing midgets, bathe yourself in dimes, and roll down the cul de sacs with your hoes.--Wow

Tim McCarver is pouting that he hasn't been tweeted by Joe Buck...awkward relationships come to light

? Jason Bartlett or Ben Zobrist--make up your mind Fox ?

Bald guy! Who the heck was that??!? What the eff????

Back with more after the ninth

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