Weekend Recap

We at Peanuts from Heaven do realize that we are creating a rather nasty habit of failing to blog during the weekend. But, given that during a glorious Minnesota summer we would much rather be listening to the game on a radio whilst basking in the sun near a crystal clear lake, we hope that you are like us and not feverishly checking for recaps every day.

This series was important, because, as if it wasn't bad enough that we had just faced the organization that must not be named, we now had to face the Dark Forces from Chicago led by the evil Sorcerer Ozzie Guilluman. How would Gardydalf and his fellowship of the bat respond? How much dorkier could we become?

Answer: This much
In the end the series was better than we expected, we were in every game, we got to attend one, we nearly won the second and today we welcomed back a devastatingly secret weapon.

After Gardydalf the White-haired endured the oh-so-narrow-defeat last night, there was only one solution, he ventured deep into the bowels of the Metrodome, to unleash a magic that can destroy everything in its path. A swirling dervish of magic.

There was fear and trepidation throughout the dugout. "Gardydalf," asked Bilbo Punto, "why must we unleash the beast?"

"Yes," said Mauer the Sideburn-ed, "I have sideburns, I am powerful, You do not need to unleash that ferocious magic. I offer you my bat."

"And my glove, " said Crede the Greedy

"And my pitching," said Scott the UnNicknamed

"And my...wait...is bat already taken?" inquired Justin the Maple Leafed.

"You are brave men," said Gardydalf, "and true-men all. But after we the devestating devouring from Bobby "Caveman" Jenks last night, we must use every weapon we have to defeat the cunning Pale Hosers.

"I don't like it any more than you do...but what must be done...must be done..." And so with solemnity of purpose, and downcast eyes. Gardydalf did open the chest of magic, which swirled and elevated an otherwise mildly amusing centerfielder and turned him into

The rest--was easy. So you are our hero Mojo Gogo, you and your running, leaping, home run swatting ways. Happy all star break...don't be afraid to remain magical after the vacation.

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  1. Yeah gogo! In a related story, i wish mauer would stop slumping.