Deadline's coomiiiiin'--

Fans you better hide your heeeeaaarrrrt! Your lovin' heeeeaaaarrrt!

Look, we all know the story here. We want a trade. Gardy wants a trade. The players want a trade. But try as Bill Smith might, there's just not a team out there who will give us a quality infielder or pitcher in exchange for a pile of magic beans. (Note to self: do not invest as heavily in magic bean futures next year)

Our trade targets are once again a long list of the overpriced and untouchable:
Freddy Sanchez--snapped up by the Giants (would have cost Swarzak or better)
Marco Scutaro--verboten unless Roy Halladay moves (which he won't)
Jarrod Washburn--The Yankees want him, which means we don't stand a chance.
Chad Qualls--Way too pricy
Michael Wuertz--Local boy, kept under lock and key by Moneyball Ogre Billy Beane
Orlando Cabrera--Aging and being treated by Moneyball Ogre Billy Beane as though he were the second coming of Honus Wagner.

Deadline's coming and the cards say: A broken heart!

Let's go and get the Angels regardless, eh fellas?


  1. Katie and I saw good ole Billy Smith walking around the Dome Wed. night...

  2. Did he look like a man who was hiding from an inevitable broken heart?

    Or did he look like a man on a mission?

    (Hard to tell which one is which when we end up with Cabrera and Cabrera alone)