The bad, the good, and the beautiful

First, our apologies to Adam "Opie" Everett, who joined the Twins last year with hopes of rediscovering his once promising talent. It did not happen, and we said goodbye to him at season's end. But he was totally adorable, so his periodic errors and poor hitting this series was at once familiar, helpful and a little sad.

Second, our gratitude to the Nefarious Dr. Cakeburn, also known as Nick Blackburn, who rebounded nicely from his hard luck losses in Milwaukee and Kansas City with another complete game. He looked very good in deed and we would call him our best pitcher, but whenever we give a pitcher that title he suddenly gets hurt--so we'll simply say thanks to you, you diabolical pitching genius who loves cake so much he uses it to destroy his opponents: Thanks a lot.

Finally, we would like to welcome back the badass version of Justin Morneau. That .318 batting average is great, but not quite Mauer-esque. That superb defense is wonderful, but not quite Crede-rian. And for that brief period in early June when Jason Kubel was hitting homeruns, but Justin wasn't it was hard to get into the go-go Morneau mood.

Still, we here at Peanuts from Heaven have always been supporters of Justin's...particularly my co-blogger Stinky who has always had a fondness for Mr. Morneau...particularly his backside. This was why we were very glad to see him finally homer again in St. Louis last week, then do it again the next night in Kansas City, then do it again yesterday at the Dome, and then do it again today in the magical, 6th inning which included Opie's error.

He's big, he's buff, he's brawny.
Ladies, start your drooling.


  1. HAHA! LOVE that Morneau/Brawny picture. He definitly is that guy and that's why he is going to the All Star game to represent MN well!

    ("Cakeburn" did awesome as always today) :)

  2. Ahh Opie - any coincidence that he's looking decidedly less Opie-ish since leaving Minnesota? Don't think so.