Well Done

Stinky's gonna cover this series in greater detail but let me point out a couple things real quick:

1) Mark Buerhle pitches pretty damn well--I mean, a perfect game is one thing, doing it for 14.66 innings...that's just wicked good. I know we've had a lot of fun at Buerhle's expense. I mean, he was the man we claimed could never resist sexy mermaid cake. Still and all, well done Beuerhle. Have some cake.

1a) Speaking of well done, well done us. Probably the classiest thing I've seen from fans in a long time, applauding an opposing player, and one from a rival--a rival we are battling for a division lead, and we give their best pitcher a standing O. Who needs a championship when you're just awesome pure and simple--and also humble.

2) I want everyone to note something--in Texas we had a discussion regarding not using homeruns as our sole source of runs--then came the trip to Cali, where we forgot that discussion, and suffered as a result. These last two games, when we needed wins, we slashed, we bunted, we ran, we used the surprising the distracting bottom of the line-up and we won.

Coincidence, or the fine fine art of supraction?

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  1. Awesome! I think I'll leave the final Chicago blog for after tonight's game :)