All-Star Update 2009!--Part 4

We pick up our live blogging at the top of the 7th

WOAH!! Albert Pujols just gave Adrian Gonzalez a very...friendly...hug. Save it for the shower boys.

Yikes! We are going to assume that Justin would prefer to not be at the all-star game, given how much he went fishing

Fun way to pass the time while hearing an overly vibrato-ed rendition of any song: do a full body enactment of the pitch wobbling up and down--if Smelly wasn't blogging and teaching, he would be a professional interpretive dancer

GREAT CATCH BY CARL CRAWFORD--though not if you listen to Tim "Debbie Downer" McCarver: "Oh these Carl Crawford's today! With their sagging pants, and their catching balls that would have hit off the top of the fence like they would have gone over the fence! They just don't know how it was back in the olden days the rassa-frassin-whippersnappers!!!!"

Dear Curtis Granderson, We are sorry we photoshopped a picture of you getting coldclocked by Honus Wagner. But you hit triples and are hella fast. Please do not hurt us. Sincerely, Peanuts from Heaven.

The Knitting Queen's list of creepiest things: 3) human heads on animal bodies 2) Kevin Youkilis' beard 1) Kevin Youkilis' batting stance (I agree on the third).


We know that there's the whole charming story of the NL coming up in a big situation and a talented hitter who loves Cheese Steak Sandwhiches coming to the plate in his home town where he has great numbers with the tying and go ahead runs on base, but what about the story of Dread Pirate Joe Nathan being awesome? If you aren't going to tell that story Joe Buck you can shut up.

Did I mention FOX really, REALLY likes awkward close-ups of people's faces?

Did we mention that Joe Nathan is totally awesome and struck out Ryan Howard anyway? BLAGHERAGHERAGHERAGH!!!

Cool thing #42 about the all star game, even when you hit the ball well in an all-star game you have a 50/50 chance of getting robbed by a great catch--just like Morneau just did.

Our dear friend Gouger says: "Did you see Mauer's Double-Nathan's 8th-Morneaus shot for an out in the ninth?!? Go Mariano Rivera!--can't believe I said that."--we can't either.

Aaaaaaaaand...that'll do it. The AL won again, the Twins came up with some important plays including an RBI double to tie it and a crucial strike out to maintain the lead. Now it's time to continue the evening of indelible awesomeness with the midnight show of HARRY POTTER!!!

Peace out.

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