I know it's a day late...

but heart felt none the less...

My co-blogger in crime will handle the game we witnessed tonight (magical as it was). It falls to me to explain the end of the road trip that would not, could not! be anything more than pure unadulterated lame-i-tude.

Yesterday there was this--
MORNEAU: C'mon Guys! I know things have been bad! I know you're down and out! I know everyone just wants to go home so they can hold on to their teddy bears and hold on to their blankets, but if we win this game we can go home with our heads held high.
EVERYONE: [grumumblemumblewuhhuhhh]
MORNEAU: Seriously guys, we got this one, I mean no matter what goes wrong at your place of business there's always one guy you can turn to when times are tough?
BOBBY KEPPEL: Who's that big plaid chested man?
MAUER: Can't be me, my sideburns are wilting in the hot Pacific sun.
PERCY BYSSHE SHELLY: Can't be me...I died before the game was invented...oh, and I should be dead now...[awkward pause]so I guess I'm a zombie...[awkward pause]blaaaaaaaaahhhhh.
MORNEAU: C'mon guys, he's dependable, reliable, and exactly what you need when you need it.
EVERYONE: Who is it? [P.B.S. blaaaaaaaaahhhhhh]
MORNEAU: D'uh....it's me!

Brawny dudes and talking ducks--a winning combination.

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  1. Ah, That Swarzak/Aflak picture is great, if I haven't told you already. :)