Welcome Orlando

Okay, before we go any further a brief explanation from Peanuts From Heaven, Inc.: please forgive our sporadic posting over the next week and a half or so--one of us is moving 600 miles away from the Twins and the Metrodome, the other is trying to accomplish a great amount of work for their company in a very short span of time. Hopefully, we shall be back to our dedicated dorkiness in full force around mid-August. Until then, keep checking in, and while they may be more rare, our blogs will still be potent.


While we were a little pessimistic prior to the trading deadline, and while ESPN seemed to believe that the White Sox trade for Jake Peavy and the Tigers trade for Jarrod Washburn trumped our acquisition of Orlando Cabrera--we beg to differ.

Sure, we said, sure great pitching is a good thing to have--but Washburn isn't so bad--we've beaten him before, we've beaten Peavy before...and what's more Peavy is hurt and may not pitch at all this season, and what's more, even if Peavy does pitch, he's coming to a tougher league and is pitching in a more hitter-friendly ball park. Meanwhile Orlando Cabrera was on our side and would make a difference on a daily basis, not like a pitcher who can only contribute once every five days.

Besides, we reasoned...our pitching was fine! it was good! it would never do something as crazy as give up more than ten runs in three consecutive games at home after just earning a sweep of a division rival. That would just be silly...

(And that children, is what we call dramatic irony)

But the point is, we are happy to have Oralndo Cabrera, particularly if helps Gogo and Casilla, and particularly if his sense of humor is to pretend to only speak spanish.

There's only one problem, which photoshop personality to go with?
The regionally appropriate, though slightly bizarre--Orland O' Lakes?

Or the generic, but infinitely suaver Orlando Calrissian?


  1. I'd say it'd have to be Orland O'Lakes. Just too good. Though, only if you photoshop his whole body in over Pocahontas there so as not to have the disturbing image of a transvestite butter-offering shortstop with pigtails.

  2. Nothing wrong with cross-dressing - Cabrera is merely the next in a long line of great transvestites, including Eddie Izzard and most stage actors in the 16th century.

    I'm with you on Orland O'Lakes - it has a nice Minnesota touch.