Good news/Bad news

Good news: we're playing better
Bad news: Detroit's still playing pretty good

Good news: Detroit lost today!
Bad news: So did we

Good news: Bill Smith seems to have found his groove-thang
Bad News: Actually...that's just good news...
Bill Smith, lonely man about town with a dejected glint in his eye and a massive inferiority of payroll complex has suddenly decided to wheel and deal his way into our hearts by picking up two new relievers who managed to help keep the Rangers off the board tonight (until Pretty Princess Jose Mijares, gave up the homer to Rodriguez--but we weren't scoring anyway so...meh)

In one day he picked up TWO whole players! Ron Mayhay and John Rauch for a combined cost of somebody who will likely NOT be in the major leagues and Ron Coomer's donut money. This is good...more relief is good...more pitchers to cover the remaining five innings that our starters fail to throw is very very very good.

Of course, the phrase: "the opponents don't have a chance know because here comes Ron Mayhay/John Rauch" has never been uttered...but hopefully we will be the first.

Welcome fellows...now please set about winning us a game.

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