Make or Break

Like Stinky, I too failed to watch most of the Twins games this weekend. Unlike Stinky, I was in the process of moving into a new apartment in a strange and alien place:


(ominous music)

So yes, I was here right after our boys were smacked about by the Indians, and yes, I was here when the they were hosed by umpires in the Detroit Metro area. And yes, I am here equidistant from US Cellular, Comerica, and Progressive Field (well...not quite equidistant, but close enough to each to be inundated with White Sox, Tigers and Indians fans, but not Twins fans).

In much the same way, the Twins are about to be inundated with games: 16 in a row, in fact. And while most of these games are against the Royals, Indians and, Orioles (three of the losingest teams in baseball)--our record against anyone lately has been less than stellar. And while low expectations has worked in the past I think that resolve is required to weather the storm.

So, what we need is some good luck, some mojo, some fire in the belly. We need to not just play games close, not just play games well, we need to win if we want to make the post season, and we need to win a lot. Being surrounded by enemies is not the end of the world. You just have to fight back, stay tough, and endure.

I may be alone in a strange city, filled with fans of every team but mine. But I will not roll over, I will not give up. I'm in it till the bitter end--and my rearview mirror decoration confirms that.
Go Twins!

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  1. Awesome! The best part is, he can protect you if the Indians fans try to beat you up.
    ..... right? He looks pretty vicious...