How this blog prepared me for Grad School...

As Kristina and I begin our transitions into serious academia again (as Business and Education Masters students, respectfully) there's a lot to readjust to: note taking, speed reading, APA Format, etc. etc. And as difficult as all that is, we also want to cater to you our blog loving public (all 4 of you)

But when the vast majority of your studies and acquired knowledge have been random stats, history and absurdist allusions to the glory of the Minnesota Twins for a full year: the syllabus can seem daunting.

Until you encounter some old familiar friends...

Remember Set? God of Evil? Multi-headed Beast? Destroyer of Souls? Devourer of Playoff Hopes? Creator of Reality TV? You know--This guy:

Turns out, Set is a principle character in what may be the oldest dramatic text in human history! (If you believe that the Egyptian religious ceremonies that may have dated back as far as 3000 BCE can technically be defined as theatre, and that they remained consistently performed for 2200 years--and let's say that you do)

In this play Set, the violent and destructive god of Evil has k
illed Osiris, the kind and benevolent figure of hope, prosperity and a glorious future. HOWEVER! Osiris son, Horus, avenges this death, restoring hope, prosperity and a glorious future to the people of Egypt, by "holding fast", "felling," "crushing," "annhilating," "cutting to pieces" and "cutting up" Set when Set is in the form of a Hippopatomus, with the help of deamons with names like: "Death-in-his-face-Loud-Screamer," and "Fiery-Face-Who-Brings-in-the-Mutilated".

In short--evil is vanquished, hope is restored, and Egypt is reunited under a banner of excellence and divinity. NOT UNLIKE the last 9 games for the twins (win 7, lose two...and suddenly things seem more possible).

So, yes, Grad School is hard, and yes, Kristina and I will make more limited posts in the coming weeks--but rest assured the Twins and their battles against the forces of evil in the name of Horus the great will always be in our minds, and in our hearts.

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