WOO! We beat a team that everybody beats!!

This is the only cause for excitement we have had in recent weeks--the first series we have won since..July 29th...and yet this is all TOTALLY sincere.

Unfortunately I have no idea who to thank for this win:
I spent three innings singing "You Make Me Feel Like Duensing"--but I failed to be this falsetto...and Brian Duensing failed to be as awesome as Leo Sayer's yellow cardigan (much like almost everything else in this world)
Bobby "K-Zone" Keppel--ran away from the strike zone
Jesse "Ze Ubermensch" Crain was great--for a couple minutes
Pretty Princess Jose Mijares succeeded as long as I mumered the words: "Yo Soy una pretty pretty princessa" before he pitched...leading to the understanding that we all have a little princess inside us.
Matt Gurrier survived...but barely.
And the offense--oh the offense--the multi-headed beast of our offense sighed, shrugged it's multi shouldered shoulders and kept right on hitting--getting just enough done to win the game.

So, rather than thanking the Twins return to mediocrity (as opposed to it's previous wallowing in crapitude) I will credit this win to the return of my blogging compatriate: Kristinka Gorder. Without my partner in peanutty goodness--there is no joy in Twins Territory.

Thank you Stinky. And thank you Twins

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