After the greatness of Tuesday, there was much sadness last night--though fortunately we at Peanuts from Heaven were spared the pain of the Cisco Kid and Master Librarian's evening o' pain, by attending the Metropolitan Opera's production of the Magic Flute.

Which, naturally, got me thinking about how the production corresponds to our series in Cleveland.

Think of it: We, handsome prince Twininos, are traumatized by an evil serpent named Kendry Morales. But then! We are offered a golden opportunity to lead a better life, a holier life, a life with a winning percentage over .500...if only we crush, humiliate and destroy the Cleveland Indians, or so we are informed by The Queen of the Night--who looks eerily like Grady Sizemore.

So, we, along with a man dressed as bird (either Puntageno, or Papagogo--I can't decide which I prefer) race off to save the Queen of the Night's daughter (PaWin-a) from the dastardly Shin-Rastoo Choo...and succeed with startling ease.--Thus endeth game 1

But things are not that simple. Shin-Rastoo Choo admits that he is going to provide us with tests and tribulations, but that the vengeance and anger instilled in our heart is the result of Queen of the Night--Grady Sizemore's deception.

Confused we meander through the bowels of Shin-Rastoo Choo's Temple, much to the detriment of PaWin-a--thus endeth game 2

That leaves today to be game three--I do hope that we shall over come both Queen of the Night Grady Sizemore's machinations and triumph in reason and virtue over Shin-Rastoo Choo.

That said, I will settle for Nick Punto or Carlos Gomez in a bird suit.

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