Another New Strategy

So...when bad things are happening I end up looking up my weird assumptions about the Twins and finding out that I am totally wrong.

Until today.

We fell behind, and I had a sinking sensation in my stomach. Once we're behind, it seems, we cannot come back. So I looked at our schedule over the last month, and sure enough, once we fall behind we have a big problem coming back. Sometimes (4 or 5) we can score an equal number of runs in the next inning and tie things up. Most times, once an inning ends, if we are behind, we lose. One time, ONCE in the past month, have we come back from from a deficit that has lasted for more than one inning--(July 27th, trailing the White Sox 3-2 through 5 and a half innings, we won 4-3).

So here's the plan guys: don't ever let the other team score more than you. Scientific studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between scoring more runs than your opponents and winning the game. (It's so simple, I can't believe we never thought of it before)

In the mean time, thank you Bobby Keppel for being such a good friend of the strike zone. And please, oh please, can some one let
Delmon Young into the hit club...everyone else seems to be hitting very well in the dome, but Delmon's just not welcome. (Ps. Del, if you can't get into the club, you can hang out with we Heavenly Peanuts....clubs are not our thing, by and large...besides, look at these two pictures. Which looks more fun...jello shots and blown eardrums with the people on the left, or scotch and cigars with us in the club on the right?

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