Not really sure what to say about this series, since I didn't actually watch most of it. I saw part of Friday's game, which was not good. On Saturday I decided to take the "I'm going to watch Pride and Prejudice while knitting a scarf and hope that while I'm not paying attention good things will happen" approach, which actually, miraculously, worked. Sunday I payed attention again and look what happened.

So to briefly re-cap:
Swarzack = not so good
Umpires = really not good
[Let's just take a brief moment to discuss Friday's umpiring debacle - WTF. Dear umpires, the next time you want to make two terrible, game-altering calls against the same team please pick someone else. Preferably the Yankees. Thank you, love Peanuts from heaven]
Carl Pavano = good
Joe Mauer = good
Winning = very good
Cuddy = awesome
Losing = not awesome

I think that pretty much covers everything.
I still don't think this is our year -- but I think Cabrera and Pavano, if we can hang on to them, could be great for next year, and hopefully will make it easier to sign Mauer to a nice, long contract. At least the front office seems like they're trying, or maybe Bill Smith has been hanging out with Mystery the Pickup Artist again and is no longer afraid to be aggressive in his pursuit of women and/or starting pitchers. Anything's possible.

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  1. Starting pitchers and beautiful women...the two most wonderful and dangerous things on the planet