A little whimsey goes a long way....

... because somehow, I'm convinced that the power of Sargeant Gardy's Lonely Hits Club band made us win that game. Don't ask me how - these things are not meant to be understood.

I was watching the game at my local Lifetime Fitness (side note - I hate Lifetime Fitness. I also hate the middle-aged women who keep changing the channel because they would rather watch Oprah. Screw you, woman. Watch a different TV there are only about 8,000 of them in the cardio room).

Then when I got home and checked the final score, lo and behold we won! Nicky P saves the day again.

Another side note: grad school has been eating my life, so Scruffy has been doing an inordinate share of holding down the fort. Hopefully things will get better once orientation is over. I don't know why I'd expect that since the end of orientation signals the beginning of homework, but there's really nothing more exhausting than sitting in a lecture hall for 10 hours straight every day. I actually chose to go to Yoga on Friday instead of the ball game, just because I didn't want to sit anymore. True story. Maybe I'm a bad fan... :(

Other thoughts: Rich Harden would be great. Giving up guys like Jose Morales and Ben Revere to get Rich Harden might not be so great.


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  1. Thought 1: You are NOT a bad fan
    Thought 2: Grad School is a pain
    Thought 3: Even if we don't get Rich Harden Bill Smith has got his groove back...so that's cool
    Thought 4: You are awesome--welcome back to bloggerdom, we've missed you