Last night was my first live game in two years, and I noticed a couple of things about being at a game rather than watching the game on tv.
  1. There are many attractive women at baseball games.
  2. These attractive women seem to all have boyfriends...for the time being.
  3. There is a great deal of camaraderie that suddenly develops within your row at a ball game. In front of you: jerks. Behind you: losers. Next to you: your brothers. One guy debated Livan's pitch count with me, while another threw his arm around me during the 7th inning stretch. I'm sure part of this is alcohol consumption--but I genuinely appreciate drunken friendships.
  4. Some things don't change: I went to the game with my grandfather who took me to my first game at the dome about 20 years ago. Sitting in front of us was a 5 year old boy who was more consumed with his Kung Fu Panda toy than watching the game, but still--little boys, grandfathers, and ball games. That's pretty sweet.

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  1. See this is why we should go to more ball games together. I can be your wingman...woman...something...

    This is also a shameless plug to get me to the metrodome more often.