Last Night in Review

I've gotta say, I was more than a little nervous watching last nights game.
Despite the fact that we should logically, as my esteemed colleague pointed out, be able to squash the Washington Nationals like so many rotten crabapples in the grassy fields of our youth, it almost didn't happen.

I was totally ready to accept this game as one more 1-0 loss where our offense couldn't get s*** done. I was almost right... and then a miracle happened, in the form of a beautful, perfect 2 run homer by my future husband. See, this is why I like Justin. Sure, he hits into the occasional double play (OK maybe more than occasional) but when the chips are down, Justin Morneau gets shit done.

Aside from my Justin Morneau lovefest I don't really know what to say...the Bullpen did good tonight though, so that's something. Joe Nathan almost gave me a mild heart attack, which is better than a severe heart attack, and Brendan Harris dropped the ball...literally. You've got some work to do before you join the ranks of the Pirhanha crew in my mind, little buddy.

On a completely different note, my boyfriend (my real boyfriend, not Justin Morneau) lives in DC and is a Nationals fan. "Wait," you say. "Nationals fans exist??? I thought they were only real in the stories my grandpapy used to read to me!" Wrong. There are approximately 7 of them, and my boyfriend Matt is one. Anyways, I checked my voicemail at about 10pm and listened to his message, which he left at 7:45 and which basically went "Hahahaha you're losing hahaha Twins suck!"... I was like "Oh, poor little guy...he doesn't know yet..."

I'm at work. I should go do something productive now.

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