I have three stations pre-programmed in my car: NPR--the current; NPR--news; and 1500 AM--home of the Minnesota Twins.

So I was able to be in touch with the game throughout drives this afternoon. First to bar tender's school, then to the gym I work out at, and then on the way home (though by then it was all over). And here's what I realized:
  1. If I owned an SUV in a developing nation (like the one's I've lived in for most of the last 4 years) I would be beaten to a pulp when people realized I drove a car meant for 9 (which in developing nations means: 19) all by myself.--And we wonder why gas is so expensive.
  2. Games are fun to imagine when all you have is a little bit of commentary now and again. Sure you could watch the game (unless, as with today, the television people decided to be evil and not show it) but with the radio you can picture more things. The dome doesn't have to exist in your imagination. Every routine catch can involve a leaping sommersault in your imagination. Pop flies skirt the warning track, and during the 7th inning stretch Carlos Gomez and Alexi Cassilla have a little tea party behind 2nd base.
So, since we have no video footage to prove me otherwise here's the imaginative recap of today's game:

Wearing their special green and purple pinstripe alternate jerseys, the Twins demolished the Nationals to wrap up a 3-game sweep in the sweet Minnesota summer sunshine yesterday at Peanuts From Heaven Ballpark. 

"It was great to get a win and get back over .500" said outfielder Michael Cuddyer after the game, dressed again in his cuddly Teddy Bear pyjamas (complete with ears and his number on the back). "Almost as great as reading 'Peanuts From Heaven' on-line."

Cuddyer went 2-2 with 2 walks, a double, a triple, and a saved dalmatian from a burning building. He also helped Twins starter Glen Perkins by catching a number of line drives while doing cartwheels as he simultaneously prepares for the Men's Gymnastic Team Olympic trials.

Perkins went 8 innings and had some difficulties, largely to make the Nationals feel better about themselves. "Golly gee," said infielder Dimitri Young after the game, "those fellers sure were nice to let us score a coupla times and give me the chance to hit a home run...I know that Little D [Delmon Young] coulda caught it if he wanted too, but I suppose he didn't want me tellin' ma that he broke the lamp in the livin' room. Sure was mighty kind a' him."

Replied Delmon: "Shut up poopface!"

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  1. Teddy bear pajamas should be the new road uniform. Didn't you know, flannel is the new black?