A confession

Last night, I doubted.

I doubted that Nick Blackburn could get an effective sinker down.

I doubted that Corey Hart was the skeeziest outfielder I had ever seen.

I doubted that Joe Mauer could get excited.

Blackburn got it down (though not often enough)

Hart is ultra-skeezy (and I say that with no shortage of my own scruffy facial hair).

And Mauer actually pumped his fist, honest to goodness and for real. After hitting the go ahead home run he pumped his fist then smiled and fist bumped with teamates, marking the biggest celebration he has had since saying: "Sounds good then," when Miss USA said she'd go out with him. 

I must also confess, I've only voted once for Mauer in the All-star game. I believe that padding the ballot box goes against the wishes of the proletariat. And, in an homage to bat-girl, the Twins blogger we all imitate, but can never hope to duplicate: I respect Chairman Mau-er's denunciation of bourgeois voting, and wear my Mau button with pride and faith in the Glorious Twins Revolution that is to come.

I confess my failings, but I repeat again: Go Twins.

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