Some observations:
1) Just to clarify, I am the one with the halo. I'm slowly working on earning my devil horns but it will take time and effort.
2) Justin Morneau looks good from behind. I first noticed this from my seat behind first base and my decision to someday marry him is based primarily on this. And also he makes some great plays...and I'm sure he's a nice person, too...
3) Dome Dogs are delicious.
4) My TV is broken and I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I will mooch from the TVs of others.

This season has been, I think, better than most people thought it would be. I admit I was skeptical at first and pretty much wrote the year off as a rebuilding year. But then, something happened... the Twins started playing...kind of well. Sometimes kind of awesome. And then sometimes we lose 6 games in a row, most of them by double-digits, and all you can do is drink half a bottle of wine and hope that things will be better tomorrow. Welcome to the frustrating, exciting roller-coaster ride that is Twins Fandom.


  1. I love half a bottle of wine. We need to have some more of that stuff soon.