What happened here? 11-6?????????
When I checked the score at around 9:30, while I was having a lovely time hanging out on my porch with my awesome friends and boyfriend, and my roommate's new puppy, we were up 4-0. Then this morning I log on to MLB.com and what doth my eyes behold? How can this be?!?

Well I tell you. Giving up 10 runs in 1 inning generally is not a good thing.
Yep that's correct - 10 RUNS IN 1 FRIGGING INNING.

I don't really want to blame Glen Perkins - a) he actually pitched pretty well except for giving up that silly grand slam to Ibanez (I mean at that point, we were still up by 1 run) and b) he is named after a restaurant that serves bottomless pots of coffee and pancakes at all ungodly hours of the morning, making it one of my favorite places on earth.
Really, I blame the bullpen. Yes I know, I've been in the habit of scapegoating the bullpen lately, but that's mainly because when we suck and give up a gajillion runs, it tends to be their fault. Also, among them is a guy with the same name as a fish, and also a guy with the last name Dennys, which in my opinion is a pale imitation of Perkins...kind of irrelevant since Dennys didn't even pitch last night...but I digress.

However, Bass is in fact one of my favorite fish (to eat), and Dennys does have pretty amazing cheese fries. Thus, I may be able to find it in my heart to forgive them. But only if we win our next 10 starts and Chicago implodes like the hatch on LOST.

Here's hoping tonight goes a little better.

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