Sweet satisfaction via Supraction

Now that's more like it.

I'm sorry, I've just been wallowing in the wonderfulness of a world in which the Twins can beat up on the Yankees. A world where the pain-in-the-ass Pinstripers, cocky and full of themselves after besting our swordsmen in an extra inning duel the night before rested their overrated shortstop. 

How surprised they must have been when the man whom they thought they had vanquished the night before hit yet another three run home run...just to show that they could.

How distracted they must have been by the carrot-esque Iowan skanks who let loose their shrill harpy-esque cry for their beloved Jeter to return.

Lo and behold...what should happen but a Twins win and another victim to the greatness of SUPRACTION (TM)

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