I was at work, worrying about how the Twins would do.

Then I was working out, watching a rather blase first inning.

Then I came out of the shower, and we had a one run lead.

An hour or so later, after a seemingly interminable bus ride (note to self...never ride rush hour bus again) I arrived at my grandparents house to find us trailing by a run.

Morneau doubles, Randy "Poppa Bear" Ruiz singles, "Mountain Man" Jason Kubel knocks in Morneau, then Brian "Inconsequential Since San Diego" Buscher knocked in two pinch runners to give us the lead.

My grandpa and I were happy.


our bullpen started sucking again. I mean, I love you Eddie, but back to back doubles? Not reassuring.

Fortunately Denard's is offering a sale on hoses. Yes! Hoses!! The kind that shoot out of right fielder's arms and make over powering throws that douse rallies in seconds! Get your hose for only $2. PLUS, Denard's is offering chain link fences from Redmond's Home Plate Security. Stop those pesky runners in their tracks and do it all in Ol' Man Redmond Style. 
Once again, we here at Peanuts from Heaven Inc. urge everyone to:  SAVE BIG MONEY AT DENARD'S!

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