Last night, your heavenly/diabolic peanuts/co-authors were out for a movie and a drink or two.

At this time we discussed the crappiness of the West coast. The fact that games don't start until 9, and after getting up at 6 or so for work we're so tired that we can't make it past 10:30 or 11 o'clock. Which means we can't see certain things, like bullpen implosions, or the fiery-eyed Joe Nathan who fired a throw past Brendan Harris to let two runs score.

We missed this. Why? Not because we don't love the Twins, but because the West Coast is evil. It sucks the will and brilliance out of our boys, and for this must be left in ashes...like Atlanta or Pheonix...uh...I mean A Pheonix...yeah...that's it...I have no plans to burn down the city of Pheonix, Arizona...no plans at all...

Anyway...my nefarious resemblance to George Sherman aside, the Twins are almost done with this stinktastic road trip, and a win today paired with a beatdown of the Blue Jays in the Great White North should help us get our groove back. Until then we will be happy to cheer for todays game and throw down with our next batch of enemies as thoroughly as ever.

So if you don't like that we haven't written in a while just remember. Don't blame us. Blame the shifting tectonic plates that created a western coast of the North American continent.

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