Conspiracy Theory part Deux

Peanuts from Heaven operatives have learned the following shocking secret:

Yesterday, before the rest of the team arrived, ex-Twins outfielder Torii Hunter was discovered by Right Fielder/Torii-Hunter-in-Training Denard Span in the Twins clubhouse. Hunter was curled in the fetal position with the big screen tv fizzling and his special "I Heart the Twins" blanket clutched in his right hand.
"Torii...?" Denard asked softly, shaking Hunter gently by the shoulder.
"uhnh, nhuhn, NO LOCKE DON'T TRUST BEN LINUS!! Oh...uh...hey Denard."
"Torii, what are you doing here?"
"I was watching Lost again."
"How long have you been here?"
"I came down here after y'all left. I kinda wanted to see if Nicky P. would give me a little cash for missing that catch."
"Did you do that on purpose?"
"Not on purpose. But...I mean...when I was running for it, I thought about the old days when Nicky P and I would run through the fields of Minnesota, laughing, skipping, jumping about and whatnot. Then I leapt and thought about how I taught you to jump any time you could...just because it feels good y'know?"
"Is that my teddy bear boo-boo?"
"I GAVE HIM TO YOU!! You've got to share Denard!! I can still teach you so much young paduwan..."
"Always swing away on 3-1, there's no downside!"
"Sawyer's not really a big jerk, he just acts that way to keep Kate interested in him!"
"TORII! It's okay man...you're always going to be a Twin...you're always going to be my sensei...you're always going to be someone we love. We know you've got a new team, and sometimes seeing old loves is hard...but whether we win or lose these games, we'll always love seeing you."
Torii smiled then, his trademark beaming grin looking into the face of his protege, all grown up...
"Shane Loux's slider sucks."
"Okay, Torii, I'll look out for it."
"Wanna watch another Episode?!"
"Sure Torii...sure..."

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