Oh for crying out loud!

What the heck is this? We're better than the Mariners, a lot better, so much better they should be paying to watch us play.

We led by 6 last night. They came back and won 11-6.

We got two quick runs tonight and Baker has gone kablooie.

What the F-bomb? (That's a bomb which when dropped realeses pound upon pound of fudge all down the pants of our beloved Twins)

I have no explanation, I don't think the Twins have any explanation, but I have noticed a common thread:

Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez is the harbinger of all things potentially not good.

He hit 6 RBIs in one inning yesterday.
He just hit a 3-run home run (because apparently a 4 run home run yesterday wasn't good enough for Raul).
He's hit 176 homeruns.
I can't find anything actually mean to say about him. {Google searches for Ibanez and "mean" "jerk" "evil" or "devil" yields no results.}
So, theoretically, his goodness must help him save baristas from noxious smugitude of Seattle area coffee shops. {See the photo above--it's the Pacific Northwest's version of saving kittens from burning buildings}--a talent which apparently intimidated Justin into popping up with the bases loaded.


Okay, Raul...if you're as nice a guy as every one says you are, be nice and let us win some. You do that, and I'll cheer for you to ransack and pillage every other team in the known universe, yes even the Kabul Kamikazes, and the Venutian Vomiters.


(I assume from the fact that you just permitted Jason Kubel to hit a homerun, that you will at least consider this proposal...thank you)

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