You know everything I said yesterday--it's all still true, but it's a little harder to identify now.

I mean, we really should have swept the Royals--except for an error on Alexi and poor hitting by the piranahas after Buscher's 10th inning double yesterday, we would have...and then today...well...I don't quite know how to explain what happened today.

Except perhaps, for this conversation after the 6th inning
Delmon Young: HOT DAMN Cuddy!! This is what it's all about!!
Michael Cuddyer: I know what you mean Del. We're supracting the crap out of them
Delmon: You're hitting.
Michael: You're fielding.
Delmon: They have no idea what the hell is going on!!
[In Unison]: IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Scotty Baker: Hey guys, what's up?
[In Unison]: Uh....nothing....nothing...
Scotty: C'mon you guys, are you supracting people?
[In Unison]: Uh...maybe...kinda...ya know...
Scotty: That's so cool guys!! Can I supract them now?
Delmon: Uh....
Michael: That's not a real good idea Scotty.
Scotty: No...listen. I'm no-hitting them right?
Delmon: Uh-yeah...that's real good supraction.
Scotty: Pssh--that's not supraction, I'll tell you what would be supractalicious--
Michael: Actually, Delmon's right. A no-hitter is really supractalicious.
Scotty: Guys, wait, here's what I'll do--I've no-hit them for six innings, so now, I'll give up a hit, just to give them a false sense of confidence
Delmon: Uh--I guess...
Scotty: Then I'll give up another!!
Michael: Uh--
Scotty: Then I'll give up a three-run home-run!!!
[In Unison]: Yeah, that's actually not--
Scotty: Waitwaitwaitwait!! Then I'll give up two more hits, and tell Luis Ayala to give up a triple so that we fall behind!!!
[In Unison]: Scotty, Supraction is used to win--
Scotty: THEN! I'll bewitch the Master Librarian to give up three MORE runs!!!
Scotty: That will suprise and distract everyone in Twins Territory!! Think of it guys!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Scotty: Let's go guys!!! Woohoo--Supraction!!!!!!!!!
Michael: Pitchers should not be allowed to supract anyone.
Delmon: This isn't supraction...this is distrise...
Remember pitchers...supraction is not a toy.

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