We actually DO like Baseball this much

Last night: at the dome
This afternoon: at the multiplex
Tonight: at home

We have a friend, a fine young man, who once said: "dude, nobody likes baseball that much." As I have said, he's a great guy...but the truth of the matter is, we actually do.

Last night we encountered a gaggle of guys who did not. A quartet of High School boys, sitting in surprisingly good seats, whose most insightful commentary of the evening was something along the lines of: "MORNEAU---YOU'RE A BEAST!!!!!!" (admittedly, the man is huge). By and large they focused on how much they hated the Royals, but about the best the could come up with there was: "Number 11--YOU SUCK!!!" (Seriously guys, seriously? If you're going to jeer--come up with something a little more insightful--such as: "Hey, Ponson, you're are disgrace to the royal knights of the Netherlands--Queen Beatrix must be crying over your weight!!")

Today, fortunately, we bold bloggers attended the film Sugar, wherein fans who mindlessly bellow "you suck"  had their role listed in the final credits as: "Jackass". But beyond absolving us from being "Jackass" fans--we were also challenged by the filmmakers to question whether or not baseball genuinely helps people, or if it serves as merely a distraction.

We decided that, for us, and hopefully for you, it is a beautiful, uplifting, delightful experience. We are excited, amused and entertained by the Twins, yes. We also find hope in their resiliency, strength in their dedication, and humor in their silliness.

Even tonight, as we struggle to do away with the Royals, there's joy to be had in Cuddyer supracting the Kansas Citizens by missing one catch, only to homer the next inning. There's a great challenge to be met in fighting the diabolically chocolate Coco Crisp. There's humility to be felt when Alexi bobbles a routine grounder and we fall behind again. And both tonight and last night, there was great pride to be felt in the return to prominence of our "Great Helmsman and Glorious Leader," Joe Mauer. 
We love it, all of it, the good, the bad, the down right ugly (looking in your direction--Sidney Ponson). There is nothing about any part of this game that "sucks". There is never a need to be a jackass. It entertains, it amuses, it distracts yes, but it also elevates, amazes and surprises.  IT is baseball, and however you feel about it--we actually DO like baseball this much.

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  1. You just called Tyler a 'fine young man'...... I'm not sure how to take that.