Sad, yet sensible

ITEM: Alexi Casilla has been sent down to Rochester and replaced by Matt Tolbert.

We here at Peanuts from Heaven Incorporated like Alexi Casilla, we admire his ability to turn the double play, and his penchant for clutch hitting. However, errors we do not like...lack of hustle we do not like...and while we like many things about Alexi, we have never really managed to think of a quality photoshop identity for him. 

So, Alexi, take this as your opportunity to go down to Rochester, remember how to hustle, develop a wacky persona, and we'll see you back here with open arms, and a well warmed up photoshop.

And welcome back Matt Tolbert, now that you are playing for us again--please remember that we are apparently obligated to play games during monsoons. (Do you ever see the guy on the right on the field for us? Come on Major League Baseball--Just because we always lose to Seattle does not make us Sub-Mariners. [pause for laughter--realize that no one will laugh at that--cry in shame])

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