Dear Red Sox:
Have you learned nothing? I think most people have figured out by now that walking Mauer to get to Morneau = bad life choice. Also Blackburn pitched a hell of a game.

I had the pleasure of watching this game at the place of Scruffy's employment, while eating blue cheese fries with a friend, which made it even better if possible. Blue cheese fries are delicious. Wine is also delicious...mmm wine...

After Morneau's homer, RT, our secret correspondent from Boston, texted me the following: "Are u watching the game? Awesome!!" (I should mention that while RT does live in Boston, she hates Red Sox fans and, by association, the Red Sox. God I love her).

And finally, I'd like to give a shoutout to our old friend Lovin' Livan, who, although he has moved on from his love for the Dome, got a win for the Mets yesterday - well done little friend.

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  1. Silly Red Sox and their bad life choices. I feel a Dr. Cakeburn related photoshop coming my way.