Saving the Day. Like you do.

It was a lovely Monday, only partly-cloudy and 72 degrees Farenheit. Sir Francisco and Sir Cuddy, Master of Supraction, rode through the crsip spring breeze, chatting as they went.

CUDDY: So... why are we riding again?
SISCO: I hear there is a lovely princess trapped in a tower. I mean to rescue her and make her my wife! The Brave Knight sir Denard Span told me she is there.
CUDDY: And ....why so I have to come with you again?
SISCO: I need your help!!! Without your powers of supraction I will never succeed.
CUDDY: OK man but you totally owe me a beer.

[They ride for several hours]

[Several hours later. They arrive at the tower]

SISCO: Hello fair princess! I have come to rescue you!!
[The princess sticks her head out the window but it isn't actually a princess. It's just Jose Mijares]
MIJARES: Oh ... sorry guys... I think I may have misled you.
SISCO: Yeah just a bit.
CUDDY: Haha oh man... this is too awesome.
MIJARES: But wait! Don't go! There are people here who need your help! My friends are being eaten by viscious Tigers, and only you can save them from their dreadful fate. Please, go to them.

And so they did, and together Sir Francisco and Sir Cuddy saved the Minnesota Twins from the viscious Tigers and hope was restored to the land.

I need lunch.

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  1. Reading this again, I think my favorite part is the: "They ride for several hours"//"Several hours later"--that's some stage direction right there!