What pitcher's that again?

Glen Perkins was so awesome at the beginning of the season that our misfortunes were dimmed by his brilliance. Of late, Glen has been not so great, which explains why Glen had to go to the disabled list, but who, oh who would take his place.

Manager Ron Gardenhire explained to us in a Peanuts from Heaven exclusive:
Gardy: We've got a young pitcher whose going to start on Saturday.
PFH: Oh, yeah Gardy? Which pitcher is that?
Anthony Swarzak: SWARZAK!
Gardy: He's a young gun from Rochester with a hellacious sinker.
PFH: Who?
Swarzak: SWARZAK!
Gardy: He's coming up to cover Perk, who seems to be a little hurt.
PFH: But wouldn't that be bad for Perkinses career and salary?
Gardy: Naw, if you get hurt and miss work, just call this kid and it won't hurt to miss work.
PFH: Which kid?
Swarzak: SWARZAK!
Gardy: And he doesn't give up runs, which is just as good as scoring them.
PFH: How very zen Gardy...
Swarzak: SWARZAK!!
Anthony Swarzak: ask about him at the Metrodome.


  1. haha! Great swarzak comparason to Aflack. Love it!

    Great Blog too. Go Twins! :D

  2. Love yours, too - thanks for the comment!