Consistency? What?

Despite the promise of the upcoming weekend and two days of freedom*, I couldn't help but feel a growing sense of apprehension as this weekend approached. I love the weekend and generally look forward to it, but this weekend brought with it another road trip.

Minnesota Twins:Road Trip::Amy Winehouse:Life.
(aka - unsuccessful)

Two things we're normally not so good at on the road:
1) Winning
2) Consistency

Well, not only did we win, but we scored the same number of runs in each game. 12 is obviously a good number for the Twins. They should just stick with always trying to get 12 runs...that's a good plan, I think. Unfortuately I am a giant slacker and didn't actually watch either of these games due to a combination of movie/chores/concert issues... maybe I'll leave the recap to someone who actuall watched the game (Smelly?).

I'd like to take a moment to give a shout-out to the sponsor of today's double-header: Mother Nature. Mother nature waits for no man - not even Gardy. His red-faced yelling only provokes her further, and when he says "We play now!" she says, "No...you play tomorrow". And then she rains all over everything.

Speaking of rain, that happens a lot in September and October in Minnesota. Only the drizzly kind though. The really torrential downpours generally happen in August or occasionally July. It also rains in April, and in March but in March we're too busy being cold. Actually, in April it's still effing cold and occasionally it snows. Sometimes summer doesn't even show up until July and then it's suddenly a bajillion degrees and there are mosquitos everywhere. All of this begs the question - WHY BUILD AN OUTDOOR BALLPARK IN MINNESOTA??!? My mom is old enough to remember the old outdoor stadium, and also remembers the fact that the Twins moved to the dome largely because the whole outdoor situation wasn't working out so well.

I'll be the first to admit it - Twins fans are spoiled. So far we've lived a blissfuly rainout-free existence. Call me crazy but I enjoy that I neither have to worry about getting a sunburn nor wear 14 layers and a scarf to a ball game - ever. My hot dog bun never gets soggy from drizzle. The sun never shines in my eyes blocking my view of Justin Morneau. Life is pretty good. I know "real" baseball is played outside...but couldn't we at least build a retractable roof???

In other news, we are tied for the ALC lead after our brilliantly consistent victories. Also, Cuddly Cuddyer is officially activated! I'll be excited to see him and his teddy bear footie pajamas, even if it's only as a pinch hitter. Welcome back cuddy!

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  1. We build an outdoor park so that in 10-15 years we can be told that we need to build a new stadium with a roof.

    Repeat ad infinitum.