Have faith and you shall be rewarded my friend.

Today's reward came in the form of Opie Everett:

EVERETT: Golly, Mr. Young!! We sure could use a win!!
YOUNG: Yeah...and none of us Florida guys seem like we can do it.
EVERETT: Whaddya mean, Mr. Young?
YOUNG: Well...Brendan and I played here, and Denard and Buscher and Boof--
EVERETT: Ya mean His Grand High Boof-ity-ness?
YOUNG: Uh...yeah...anyway they grew up here, but none of us have been awesome enough to win a game here.
EVERETT: Maybe we could use some of that dirty word you taught me before?
YOUNG: Supraction?
EVERETT: [tee-hee]
YOUNG: Yeah...but...I'm not in the game so my Supraction skills are limited.
EVERETT: [tee-hee] I'm in the game, can I use my Supraction [tee-hee] skills?
YOUNG: What do you think would be Supractalicious?
EVERETT: How about if I ...mumblewumblefumbleGumblewumble...[tee-hee]

And so it was that Adam Everett placed a Psychotic Latvian Larvae in the ball so that when Evan "Golden Boy" Longoria threw it, it skipped away from the first baseman, then was thrown back in and bounced away from everyone, getting Adam a triple on a ball hit approximately 49 feet. Best of all the next bunt from Carlos Gomez (which may or may not have contained a Psychotic Latvian Larvae) brought in Everett and gave the Twins a lead they would not relinquish.

Upon his return to the dugout, Delmon Young was heard to say, "you have done well my young Paduwan, quite well." 

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