So happy...

As my esteemed and stinky colleague pointed out about last night:

It was good.
We won.
We won and the White Sox didn't. (They didn't lose either, but...meh)

The Twins recent struggles to win, and win consistently, and win consistently on the road, have caused much consternation in the Peanuts From Heaven Inc. offices.

The return of Senor Cuddles, master of magic and lover of steaks, eases those doubts.
12 runs in two games on the same day, calms those fears.
A bullpen that suddenly remembered it was a good idea not to allow runs, ceases much consternation.
And 250 bucks in tips as a bartender, creates much much joy...in my wallet.

But one of the truly great moments came in the seventh inning of the second game. After running around the bar I work in, trying to figure out what on earth goes into a "Flirtini", telling two men fresh in from Boston that, yes, winter is more or less an October to April event in Minnesota, and trying desperately to carry four plates, make three drinks, ring up two orders and get one credit card to work simultaneously, I struck up a conversation with a couple from St. Cloud.

We kept smiling up at the score, and chatting about the quality of meat, and laughing at the foolishness of the White Sox to challenge our awesomeness. In this conversation we spoke of our bullpen, and more specifically it's crapitude. It was at this point that I shared my concerns with these nice people

Quoth I: "You know, I'm just not sure that a 10-6 lead is safe enough."

Quoth Brendan Harris' bat: "BAM!"

Quoth the customers: "Oh my goodness! That was awesome!"

Quoth Brendan Harris: "My pleasure folks. Is there anything else I can get for you? Would you like another beer or an extra shrimp cocktail? How about a dessert?"

Quoth I: "Uh...Brendan that's my job."

Quoth Brendan: "Oh right...so how about I get you guys a slick defensive play that will destroy the Orioles' self confidence and force them to assume the fetal position? How's that sound?"

Quoth us: "That'd be great!"

Quoth Brendan: "I'll get right on that."

So, for the moment at least, all is well, and everyone is happy. Whatever else happens, whether the early two run deficit today turns into a loss or not, whether we scuffle in Cleveland/Tampa or not, whether Mother Nature decides to play along or not: last night was awesome. (On many, many levels)

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