An explanation of awesomeness

Now that we've both gotten our adoration out of our system...back to silliness.

I must explain one of the reasons we won. The triple hitting, bunt making, whirling dervish of pure energy: Carlos Gomez. Or, as he is known to frequent readers: Mojo GOGO!

At the start of the game, Mojo Gogo was not his unstoppable self. He was...in fact, not much of anything at all. He even ran into his compadre Denard in right with a thud so audible it almost broke my heart.

But a few batters later, after Kevin Slowey had been felled by a line drive off his body (while being jeered by a sox fan in my bar), the following conversation took place, as Slowey lay prone on the ground.
SLOWEY: [Cough...cough]
GOGO: No...Kevin...speak to me!
SLOWEY: So cold...so very cold...
GOGO: Sorry, I was thawing hams on your legs. 
MORNEAU: Hey, why are you guys suddenly all black and white?
SLOWEY: If I don't make it through this-- [Wretching Cough]
GOGO: Don' say dat!! You will make it!! We'll buy dat Shrimping Boat!!
SLOWEY: But I don't like--
SLOWEY: Okay. [Coughs up small piece of lung] But Gogo?
GOGO: Yes SloSlo?
SLOWEY: Avenge me.
GOGO: Avenge?
MORNEAU: It means to seek retribution for a wrong done. Like beating the crap out of a team that's hit a ball right off of our pitcher.
GOGO: Thank you mountainous first baseman type man. SloSlo?
SLOWEY: [Cough] Yes Gogo?
GOGO: I will avenge you, and these bastardos will DIBIMIHAN!!
SPAN: And mine!
PUNTO: And mine!
MAUER: And mine!
CASILLA: And mine!
GOGO: In the 10th inning!!
ALL: Whaaa?
GOGO: For dramatic effect.
ALL: Ohhhh.

So it had been declared...and so it was.


  1. And, p.s. sometime in the last 2 or 3 days, the bullpen magically stopped sucking!! Maybe now I can stop talking so much smack about them... but I shouldn't say that, I don't want to jinx it ... :)