Did you not see my post yesterday? Did you not get that you were supposed to win the game?That if you  had won that game,  win today would put you in to the post season no matter what the White Sox did? Do you want to wait on pins and needles for Chicago to decide whether they'd rather barbecue in October than play baseball?

Now, I'll ignore the team's ignorance and give you another pep talk because something bothers me far more than a low readership count. Yesterday, back when we were winning, I saw MLB's dreamy eyed view of the post-season, you know, the one with the non-real blogger not really blogging about the postseason. Anyway, he was gushing about teams in the playoffs: "Dodger Blue." "The Phitin' Phils." and "The Gritty Southsiders."

Excuse me? Are the "Gritty Southsiders" in the Playoffs already? Are the Gritty Southsiders even in the lead? Did the Gritty Southsiders win their last three games against the Supractalicious Twins? Did someone grant the "Gritty Southsiders" immunity from earning their postseason? Or did MLB decide to rush out this ad without thinking about our awesomeness?

We weren't supposed to pitch well without Johan. But five guys who would look more at home sitting around a high school cafeteria table than a major league bullpen have kept us in this.

We weren't supposed to produce offensively without Torii. But our stalwarts stepped up in big games, and with the help of a magician in left, a crazy man in center, and a raw rookie who loves vinyl siding in right, we're still in this.

We've been looked over and written off too many times. We've been discounted, discredited, and dismissed too often. And now it's time to shut everybody else up. 

Major League Baseball does not expect us to do this. All manner of pundits do not care if we do this. FOX and TBS desperately hope that we don't do this.

Screw 'em.

Let's go to the playoffs.

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