Words cannot express my happiness right now.

I had a whole "Twins vs. White Sox" preview entry planned for yesterday, that involved Gardy as Gandalf and Jim Thome's head being photoshopped onto Sauron's body...possibly with Chuck Norris in there somewhere as well. But, unfortunately I had to actually do work yesterday and then my evening was taken up by watching the Twins utterly dominate the White Sox...and seriously, how cool was that?

I was especially happy, since some of my favorite Twinkies were absolutely amazing last night. Can I just say, I love Nick Punto. Not in the same way I love my future husband Justin, but in a way that I just really want good things for him. Sometimes the poor guy has times when nothing ever seems to go right, and last night he was just totally awesome, at the plate and on the field. And of course, mad props to Jason Kubel. Sidenote: Jason Kubel looks a lot like my friend John.

Also Scott Baker is my hero.

Maybe this is only a brief, shining moment of happiness that can never come again. But for now, I'll hold on to the dream of October.

And oh, what the heck.

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