Faith: (n.) belief in things hoped for, despite the evidence of things seen

So what if we've lost twice as many games as we've won this month?

So what if we're running out of time to catch the team ahead of us?

So what if our starting pitching seems like it has run out of gas?

So what if our relief pitching forgot to repack its talent after our last series in Seattle?

So what if our hyperactive outfielders seem to be in need of nap time?

So what if the team we're playing today has whooped our pitching all series long?

So what if most writers and analysts have written our season's epitaph?

I believe that we can/will win today, that we can/will sweep Chicago and Kansas City this week, that we can/will make the playoffs and shock the world. [I also believe that the Easter Bunny hides jellybeans around the world once a year to honor the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. (Though why he does so, I'm not entirely sure)]

You have to have faith to be a baseball fan. You have to believe in the greatness of your team, its possibilities and potential. You have to want, even in the brain-numbing stretches of defeat, your team to play well and win whenever they can. 

The season is long, and we're almost at the end of it. We have had a great run and we're poised for a great future. We may not make the playoffs, we may not win again, we may not even win today. But I think we can, and I hope we will. Because I have faith.

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  1. ...and you especially have to have faith to be a Twins fan :)