I was saddened not to be able to really watch the game tonight, seeing as how I had to work and whatnot. But fortunately Peanuts From Heaven Inc. had reporters on the scene

One of the best parts of this blog is that we, your peanut-brained editors in chief, have relatives who greatly enjoy baseball. As much as we do, in fact. And hold the Minnesota Twins as near and dear to their hearts as we hold it to ours.

In that spirit, I provide this verbatim recap of tonight's savory sweet victory over the Kansas City Disgraces to the Throne: {Names are changed to protect the innocent}

NA: It was good.
QueenOfChants: We won.
NA: Yeah, we won.
QOC: We won and Chicago lost.
NA: Chicago lost?
QOC: Chicago lost TWICE!!
NA: Chicago lost twice?!?
QOC: TWICE!! To the Blue Jays...AT HOME!!
NA: Boy, those Blue Jays
QOC: I know.
NA: Swept us.
QOC: But the beat the White Sox IN CHICAGO!!
NA: Alright!
QOC: So we're only 1 game back.
NA: Yeah...
QOC: Reading from the internet: "Sizzling Jays sweep Chisox. TWINS JUST A GAME BACK!!"--"They not only lost two games but also lost 1st baseman Paul Konerko to a knee injury in the second game."

They didn't trademark any catch phrases, or photoshop anybody for us. But they did catch les mots juste: "It was good. We won. We won and Chicago lost."

Let that be our mantra as we wind down the season, and we shall hope that each night can end with the magical refrain: "It was good. We won. We won and Chicago lost."

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