All-Star...still not Final

The AL just can't seem to get a run across. And I suppose I could blame Stinky...she left and Justin Morneau seemed to feel her absence, grounding out twice with an opportunity to be heroic.

Or I could just point out that this has actually been a pretty good game, the pitchers shut down batters whenever the pressure is on, the defense tightens up, both teams actually seem to want to win the game.

So the game is good, but there's still something off...something not named Joe Buck (whose incessant nay-saying of umpire's decisions makes me want to shove a remote control up his--hi grandma!)

No, it's Yankee fans. I know it's at their stadium, so I suppose they should be able to do whatever they want to do. But it seems...what's the word...craptastic...that the Yankee fans feel obliged to boo Boston players. 

(Oh and now Tim McCarver uses instant replay to find fault with Justin's defense, why don't you kiss my big fat--hi grandpa!)

I realize you are rivals. I realize you are to one another what Troy once was to Greece. But come on. You are allies with the Red Sox one day each year. For one day you work together to win one game. Even if you can't cheer for them, can't you just quietly leave them to do their job. Do you have to go out of your way to be jackasses Every--Single--Day of the Year?

I suppose that's a little like asking the same question of Buck/McCarver--but I felt the need.

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