Your love is like a roller-coaster baby

Does anyone find it more than a little ironic that mere days after we trounced Texas 12-4, we in turn were trounced 12-4? Is this perhaps bad karma for all the horrid things we here on Peanuts from Heaven have wished upon the New York Yankees? (I know Smelly here says he doesn't wish horrible slow death on them, but I do...and the baseball fates can read minds...).

I remember a night not too many years ago, I think it was the summer of 2004, when we were playing the Yankees and were down by something like 9 or 10 runs. I gave up all hope, left my spot on the couch and went to get ice cream in which to drown my sorrows. When I returned, the Twinkies had somehow rallied and were on top! I think that game ended up going into overtime and we ended up losing, but the lesson I learned was, never give up hope, even when everything is horrible and you want to eat ice cream until you die.

Last night wasn't quite so hope-inspiring...especially when we gave up what seemed like a pretty good shot at maybe...i don't know...scoring some runs?.... by leaving poor Brendan Harris and Denard Span stranded on base. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Every season has its ups and downs.

Needless to say my hatred of the New York Yankees has returned to Code Red. Plus 500 loathing points.

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  1. I don't want the individual Yankees to die a horrible slow death...I mean...Brett Gardner is so ridiculously over matched out there I feel a little sorry for them.

    I do wish the idea of the Yankees a horrible, excruciating death--something like...having to watch "Blonde Ambition" in a Clockwork Orange type chair.

    We're now down a run...I'm ready to gorge on ice cream yet...but the night is young (and if we win I'm taking Gomez out to Dairy Queen)