Blow outs...sweet, sweet blowouts.

When you score 14 runs...that's sweet

When you win by ten runs...that's sweeter than pecan pie.

When you hit four home runs in a single game...that's sweeter than high fructose corn syrup.

When you hit 7-for-14 with runners in scoring position...that's sweeter than high fructose corn syrup infused pecan pie slurpy.

Peanuts from Heaven Inc. spoke to the hot hitting (we can't believe we're writing that either) Delmon Young inside our own mind.

BM: Where's...where's Delmon? I thought we had a meeting set for after the game...where's...where [crack of thunder and puff of smoke]
BM: Yeah...I uh...I guess I have.
DY: Wanna see my latest card trick?
BM: Not real--
DY: BAM!! [throws cards in reporter's face]
BM: Great...so why have you suddenly started hitting so well?
DY: It all goes back to Supraction (TM). I was just an underperforming cog in an otherwise adequate offense and then...
BM: You combined two words into one?
DY: It was...magic
BM: Is that why you're dressed like Sigfried?
DY: Roy actually.
BM: Sorry.
DY: You better be--SUPRACTIA-ZAAM! [another burst of smoke and Young vanishes]

And so we thank Delmon Young for providing yet another evening of amusement

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