Mid All-Star Game Update

So I'm back from a trip around the Midwest major league baseball games.

The all-star game is on, I've had wine, beer, bratwurst, peanuts and am surrounded by parents, grandparents and my partner in crime. The crime of silliness.

While the game is intriguing, it's far more intriguing to listen to Joe Buck sycophantically blather about himself, Fox's new series, and now...the greatness of George Steinbrenner.

I'll now hand over to Kristina while I gag myself with a spoon.

Joe Buck: So, Yogi Berra, what do YOU feel is the meaning of life?? *cheesy smile*
Yogi: I uh...well...you know I always say that - 
Joe Buck: Couldn't agree more Yogi.  Alright well here comes Alex Rodriguez up for the American League.  You know aside from A-Rod's questionable personal life, which we won't say anything other than to say that well, it is questionable.  Man that is some shady stuff with Madonna isn't it Yogi?  What do you think?
Yogi: Well I think -
Joe Buck: And you know, it's quite the contrast from Joe Mauer.  In his spare time Joe enjoys saving kittens from forest fires.  He's also the only catcher in the American League who enjoys wearing rainbow socks on Thursdays.  Isn't that something?  
Yogi: The NL just scored a run.
Joe Buck: Hey isn't that something!  Wait what, is there a game going on?  Golly gee!  In- credible!!!

And now back to my smelly friend.

Guhh...uhh...god, that was nasty. It's the only thing that can remove the foul aftertaste of Joe Buck.

Anyway...something's are more palatable when you're surrounded by kick-ass people. My grandparents, my parents, and of course, my stinky, stinky compatriot.

More on the game as it develops.

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