A Quick Update from our Nation's Capital

Last night as I was watching the fireworks from the waterfront at Georgetown (and also watcihng the distant, flashing lights from the gazillion police cars that were parked on the bridge) I observed 2 things:
1) White Bear Lake, MN has a fireworks show that is at least as good as the one in DC. And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased.
2) No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I cannot stop obsessively checking baseball scores.

As we were waiting through the light drizzle for the fireworks to start, and others were nervous because the rain might stop the show, I was pleasantly relieved by our 3 run lead.

As the fireworks were crackling in the sky above our heads, I was getting a little nervous because our 3 run lead had been shortened to 2.

As we walked to a nearby bar to wait out the mad crowds on the metro, I was in suspense the whole time - did we hold them off? Or did Livan give up 10 more hits in the interem between now and the last time I checked (not implausible)? Luckily the bar we went to had a TV and was showing game recaps. Shockingly (read: not shocking at all) I had to sit through about a thousand hours of Red Sox recaps, Rockies recaps (???) and other east coast and west coast teams before we finally got to the Twins-Indians wrap, and i was pleasantly surprised by our 12-3 win. Good job Livan...and good job Justin and Delmon. I know, right...Delmon?!? Who'd have thunk!

As Matt pointed out (as I was impatiently waiting for a recap of the only game that was really important to me, other than the one the Chicago Bitch Sox were losing), "A Minnesota-Cleaveland game...out here, it might as well be Podunkville playing Saskachuan." The perception that everything between New York and California is a vast wasteland, except Chicago, never ceases to amaze me. Oh well... I guess it just means that we have a well-kept secret of awesome. Also we have a small market team. C'est la vie.

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  1. Coming from Montana I know well the exploits and furor of a Podunkville Possums/Saskatchewan Sasquatches game...not really, but it was such a good combination of names I just had to write that down.